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Aug 9, 2010

+starlight tears+

the bright white star light shields my tearsin the warm wind,
my tears fallcan you feel it? quietly whispering facing you this quivering feeling
on a white piece paper of paper i draw your warm smile
embraces me perhaps this love?
even though i try to close my two eyes,
i can only see you i'll be waiting for you,i will wait you,
no matter what,i won't show my painful tears, you let me know,
a lie -like love i won't let go,because it's simply you,
i'm walking in the memories of being with you,
my heart is brimming with tears,what should i do?
even in my dreams,i miss you,i'll be waiting for you,
i will wait for you please look at me,like those stars,can you be in my heart?

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